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Goodbye Karl Lagerfeld!

How could I forget the world’s most legendary catwalk! Eight is the luckiest number in China and the brand FENDI enjoys great popularity. In 2008 the Roman fashion label steeped in tradition uses the Great Wall of China as a catwalk for its models, and the world is amazed. In my mind I am taking a small eighties blouse from my close and start to look at the double-F-logo. It stands for FUN FUR. Just as fashion world’s probably largest picture book it is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s creations. Since 1965 chief designer for FENDI’s women’s collection, Lagerfeld designed one fairytale after another. On occasion of the brand’s 90th anniversary in 2015 it was his idea to have models wearing evening dresses at Rome’s Trevi Fountain literally walk over water. At times his bags looked like tropical birds, then like small monsters, and everywhere fur. For Karl Lagerfeld there was no other option, because creativity is not democratic. This is also the reason why the Romans accept the brand’s decline in the 1980’s, ignoring numerous animal rights activists calling for a boycott due to the continued use of fur. Naomi Campbell is let go of, even though she is wearing fur again, and the label proceeds with traditions. My blouse with logo print is a relic of this time. At my conffirmation I wear it casually combined with mud-colors and black, a skirt brindled in a brand-typical manner, and with a broad belt. I must have looked quite edgy, because the pastor was seriously and obviously shocked. Although I am not very tall, I am standing in the last row when the group picture is taken, even behind the boys. In this year’s spring/summer collection, amongst light, flowing, and very feminine styles, one can again ffind the ZUCCA-print and the iconic stripes on FENDI’s fabrics. Lagerfeld stated, hereby quoting a Jewish proverb, that he did not look back, otherwise he would not have been capable of constantly reinventing himself. But that’s where he was mistaken; the outer appearance may change but the core essence stays the same. Continuity and loyalty are key. Additionally to fun and coolness, it is Pietro Beccari who, beginning in 2012, initiated a return to the company’s history. Nevertheless, it would be more than contemporary to have a floral epic in a FENDI manner without the use of fur, and to add to the label’s core values sustainability and social responsibility. English by Anna Günter


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Corinna Lil
17.02.2019 17:31:26
Thilo Schmidt
14.02.2019 10:09:07
Diese Seite spricht mich persönlich besonders an, berührt mich, wühlt mich auf, lässt mich nicht mehr los und bringt mich zum Nachdenken. Die jeweiligen Geschichten eröffnen die Möglichkeit sich intensiv mit Dingen und deren Geschichte zu befassen. Als Leser würde ich mir wünschen noch intensiver mit der Autorin in Dialog zu treten. Das Romantagebuch ist ein toller Anfang!
Iris Büttner
13.02.2019 16:58:17
Ein persönlicher Blog über Beziehungen, Mode und Orte, über Sterblichkeit und Erinnerung. Man kann Sie nur bewundern, Alexandra.
Zsolt Tovan
13.02.2019 06:39:47
Kann ich zu 100% empfehlen. Super Bilder!
Cornelia Wild-Bay
07.02.2019 11:50:33
So geschmackvoll und so edel. Kunst und Literatur zeigen sich hier von ihrer besten Seite. Der Mix unterschiedlicher Geschichten und Themen sorgt für beste Unterhaltung. Eine gern gelesene Unterhaltung: Imagine Vividly!
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